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bullet Talk2DaBullet-Vi
19 Jul : 17:09
Ouchy server crash
bullet troll4lolzx
19 Jul : 16:31
will do
bullet TWE44
19 Jul : 11:47
Please reapply or a post
bullet troll4lolzx
19 Jul : 11:16
its been a few weeks since i did mine
bullet troll4lolzx
19 Jul : 11:16
twe44 how far back?
bullet TWE44
18 Jul : 15:06
to whoever applied to vi please re-apply, was having some issues in the system.
bullet TWE44
18 Jul : 12:15
I can go into the logs and ban this person when I get home
bullet TWE44
18 Jul : 12:05
Only a few vi can admin the server
Not all members of vi have admin duty,
You are welcome to apply to vi.
bullet GomerPile
18 Jul : 11:08
what does it take to kick basic kick admin rights? love to help on the server
bullet troll4lolzx
17 Jul : 19:03
was just testing inserts , ill upload some footage of actual color shells in over the next few days, right now im building about 325 shells for our party/bbq on the 24th

Latest Forum Posts
Posted by TWE44
i don't see you in our ban list,
19 Jul : 20:37

Posted by TWE44
he went 92-2 that game
19 Jul : 20:36

Posted by MashedPotatoes
Was he doing anything, or just flying around under[more ...]
19 Jul : 20:18

Posted by Anonymous
Survey submitted: Wednesday 19 July 2017 - 21:12:3[more ...]
19 Jul : 18:12

Posted by PitBull
Not a admin, but could add the following just hel[more ...]
18 Jul : 16:19

Posted by GomerPile
he is under the map and flying around .. need a ki[more ...]
18 Jul : 11:07

Posted by TWE44
after careful review ban stands,HiTeCK9mm his othe[more ...]
17 Jul : 17:05

Posted by PitBull
You could loose you current ranking for a change
17 Jul : 07:09

Posted by TWE44
I don't see a reason to change when the server is [more ...]
17 Jul : 05:35

Posted by TWE44
I will review this tonight when I get home
17 Jul : 05:33

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