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Thank you wanting to join Violent Industries!
Joining Vi Is Simple. We are open to anyone in our community but we do seek people that will be active in the community. We realize people will come and go with games as real life and the popularity of the games change. We ask that if you need to step away that you communicate this in the forums with a simple post. We don't ban or kick out members who can't spend time gaming. Requirements To Be Accepted a Violent Industries Member We are happy that you have chose Vi as a community to join. We will be reviewing your application and will get back to you as quickly as possible. A thread will automatically be made in our member forums to let everyone that you have applied. We do expect new recruits to do a few things to show that you are active and plan on participating and this will give the rest of the community a chance to meet you. We are very relaxed community but do ask for forum participation at the very least. You will also find an active Teamspeak. We cannot grow without an active community. The more you participate the quicker you will be fully accepted into the community. > You must make a introduction post located here: Introduce Yourself. > Fill out a application located at the bottom of this page. > Have at least 20 forum posts. > Have 10 Hours of Time in our Team Speak (A lack of Teamspeak time will limit you to the lowest member level). > Have 10 Hours of Game time within our servers or games that we play. - The five items above are simply so we can determine who we are allowing into the community. In your introduction post just simply say hi, how you found us or anything really. Your application is simply there so the human resources department can know who is coming in and who to look out for in Teamspeak and give them applicant tags and so forth. The 20 forum posts are simply so we can get some interaction among the community. As far as Teamspeak goes we require that all recruits visit our Teamspeak to partake in games and such. Some people may be very shy about talking and that's fine, just visit and type, no one is here to judge anyone. This does not mean you have to be in Teamspeak everyday, just during the recruitment process. Frequently Asked Questions What do I say in an introduction post? This isn't intended to be a secret test that will determine if you are accepted into the community or not. Just say hello, who you are, how you found us or whatever is going in your life. We are a gaming community nothing more. Think of it as walking into a room full of people with the party already started. You're just shaking the hands of the nearest person and saying hi. Do I Have To Fill Out An Application? Yes. This is so we can keep track of people wishing to join the community. Otherwise, you would just be a forum guest and receive no privileges. No One Is Replying To My Application? Community replies will be made on your introduction post, not your application. Your application is simply that, your app. It's just there for the recruitment department themselves and they will be the only ones replying on it for the most part. The community itself will be more focused on your introduction. Teamspeak - Overview Of Basic Concerns We are aware that some people are uncomfortable with talking with strangers, especially on the internet. This is fine. You don't have to talk in Teamspeak but it does have a live chat feature. Use that and just let people know you rather not speak. It's totally cool. We have members that can't speak English but can type it. We also have members that can't speak because they are deaf. We ask that you join Teamspeak as promotes a better environment while gaming. You miss out on the best part of the community if you disconnect yourself from it. You will not be prohibited from becoming a full fledged member if you don't speak. > You can download Teamspeak here: Download Teamspeak > Our TeamSpeak Info: > The use of Vi Teamspeak falls under this community's Terms and Conditions. I need a sponsor? Yes. Any community member can sponsor an unlimited number of new recruits. You don't need a sponsor to submit an application. You can also simply speak to an admin in Teamspeak voice or chat communications. Doing it this way brings more of a personable feel to community with actual person to person interaction rather then simply filling out a form at the post office. This process can be as short as a few hours or take days, it all depends on your activity in saying hello in Teamspeak. Do I have to wear Vi tags? No. If you are on something like Steam, you do not need to make your Steam name "Dude-Vi". Your name is your name, simple as that BUT we would expect you to join the Steam group since you are part of the Vi community. You keep your name, you don't have to change it, just join our outfit/platoon that each game has. If you fly the tags your support will be noted and greatly appreciated. Can I in Vi and another community? Yes. Some communities try to restrict the actions of their members. This is a futile gesture and we don't waste our time with it. However, your loyalty will be noted for when you decide that you want to become and administrator or ask something from the community. IF our community is missing something that may be an opportunity for you to become a contributor and have a considerably more involved role. Am I part of Vi because... You must fill out an Application on the link button below to be accepted into the Vi Community before you can put the Vi tags anywhere in your name. If you are in our Steam group, or other similar game platoon/group you cannot wear the tags. If you do so without meeting our recruitment standards you will be removed from the group and restricted from joining our game servers. I have other questions. Feel free to ask them in your introduction post or send a private message to any administrator and they will be happy to help. Final Note Thank you again for your application and we look forward to gaming with you soon. Check back for your recruitment status frequently and join us in Teamspeak when you can. If you have any questions please feel free to ask any member of Vi as most questions can be answered pretty simply. If your question requires special attention a admin will be directed to you. Thanks again for applying!
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