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Mordecai on 2 days ago
It seems like a lot of people are still in love with either bf3, or bf4 where only a handful of this community likes BF1. In any case, here is hoping that Battlefield 5 (likely ww2) appeals to a better majority.
DevilsDFFD on 6 days ago
been out of loop for several months myself. looking forward to get back in action. hopefully battlefielf gets their shit together. BF4, Hardline, and BF1 are total disapointments
Hellhole on 6 days ago
The site was gone? Ugh, I've been so BF-inactive for too long. It'll be interesting to see how BF2018 or BF5 turns out.
Pashkinodji on 1 week ago
Miss you guys)
Busy working out of state.
Don't have my pc here. What is going on?
See you in a month.
Talk2DaBullet-Vi on 2 weeks ago
Indeed BF1 no good... Luv BF4 to the bone smile
Mordecai on 4 weeks ago
Lets become a SEA of Thieves Community! cheesey Kappa
Mordecai on 4 weeks ago
I actually like Battlefield 1 a lot. But I seem to be good at it, which makes me bias, or something.
Mordecai on 4 weeks ago
Holy crap the website is back.
Hellhole on 1 month ago
True that, TWE. I uninstalled that pile of poop a while back. Just reinstalled BF4 after a nearly 2 year hiatus. Played a round of Railway and had more fun in that one round than all of BF1.
TWE44 on 1 month ago
bf1 sucks ass
schelie-nelie on 1 month ago
so there is way to kick and or ban peeps in bf1 servers i heard
schelie-nelie on 1 month ago
not for me

but its okaty they will see it then i quess i couldnt find ur name in the ban section btw so i think ur not banned but i could be wrong
5tr0ng3r on 1 month ago
but..when I enter the area of: BAN APPEAL. It does not charge anything. just a blank page.
schelie-nelie on 1 month ago
i think the main reason is urt high ping and about a ban i dont now thats a admins job so pls post ur appeal in the ban appeal section good luck ...
schelie-nelie on 1 month ago
stronger first of all u dont post this in the chat !, why not make a appeal at the ban appeal section ?
5tr0ng3r on 1 month ago
Hello, I see that the ban that I had from Vi Industries makes other users continue to accuse me of cheater on other servers. that's why I'm coming back here. I saw, and please, this time I want to know what is the exact reason why I was excluded from the server ?. In the game the last time I was in Vi, an admin said it was because of my ping between 170 to 180 (because I'm from Peru) and they told me to go to other servers closer to my location. That's why I come to Vi and I want to know what was the exact reason for the ban against me ?.
Talk2DaBullet-Vi on 1 month ago
Time to dance
schelie-nelie on 1 month ago
sup lupid long time ...
LUPID on 1 month ago
haaaaaay yallllll
schelie-nelie on 1 month ago
having loads of fun with the r6v2 guys from our goldmud server in bf1 miss u guys btw we have a vi platoon in bf1 rocket made it feel free to join .....
schelie-nelie on 1 month ago
wow site is back ...
GomerPile on 1 month ago
jwtf.. anybody home.. still and uncap rape fest.. nobody here going to get it under control? happy to stop my slot payment
GomerPile on 1 month ago
so many douchebags on in the evening. Server getting unbalanced and it starts the Base Raping of the Uncaps. Been on the receiving end a few nights now.. getting really old. I have a short list of names but it is rampant and nobody backs off.
ICP003 on 2 months ago
Howy yalls
MashedPotatoes on 2 months ago
Just one question before I spend my time reinstalling BF4, did Vi stop the PC nanny state ban nonsense?
MashedPotatoes on 2 months ago
Holy crap, Vi lives! Vullets, your youtube video says "This video is unavailable." Been playing BF1 for a while. Need to reinstall BF4 then I'll be back to kill you all.
PinkFuzzyBalls on 2 months ago
Holy crap, the site is back!
TWE44 on 2 months ago
server been dead
TWE44 on 2 months ago
spam cleared out
HigherPower on 2 months ago
Nice now can we all get along on BF1?
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